#FabJuicing: Going out to ‘juice’ at The Urban Juicer

Hola! Today’s #FabJuicing adventure is a bit different. Today I lunched at The Urban Juicer on 8th Ave in Nashville. This was my second time at Urban Juicer, but I know I’ll be back! 

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to juice, you get lazy, or you just want a change of pace. The Urban Juicer is the perfect space to visit when juicing at home is wearing you out. 

The Urban Juicer came to Nashville early doing 2013. The setup is small but they have a nice menu that sports abt 20 juices and smoothies, fresh citrus juice, organic & vegan foods, and teas. 
The prices are a bit high – BUT if you’ve juiced for any amount of time, you know juicing doesn’t come cheap especially using organic products. 

Since I juiced yesterday, I wanted to try something a bit diff. I purchase the Chocolate Bomb and a quinoa chicken salad. Listen, that Chocolate Bomb has cocoa, raw local honey, almond milk, and a bunch of other tasty goodness. A definite treat. And then the chicken salad – DELICOUS! 
I was pleased! I’d recommend The Urban Juicer for your juicing experiences!

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