FAB LIFE: Hiking to Cummins Falls, Cookeville, TN

This summer, I’m all about adventure and doing something new. That’s why the blog has taken a more personal turn, that’s why you’ll see more thought provoking peices, and that’s why’ll I’ll step out of the box to give you an authentic experience. Oh, and we’ll still talk about fashion and cute clothes – duh!
Motivated by one of my Nashville Style Collective buddies, Jess, from Here and Now, my friends and I decided to have an adventure in our own backyard. We took the one hour drive to Cookeville, TN to Cummins Falls. A natural waterfall in the heart of Tennessee that boosts a 3.2 mile hike with gorgeous views of the falls and the stream below. Check out pics of my experience and some tips on being fashionable while hiking.
The hike was strenuous but fun. It ends with witnessing one of Tennessee’s most sought after attractions. Seriously, I didn’t know this spot existed! On top of that, as much as I’m a city girl, it was kinda nice to become “one with nature”. I actually swam in a watering hole – LIKE WUT! Lol!

Now I know you are interested in taking a girls trip out to Cummins Falls. I decided to help you out. Below are several fly, fashionable, and functional items you need when hiking (especially if the hike ends with a swim).

Fab #Hiking Essentials

Click the picture for shopping info:

1. One-Piece Bathing suit – for a hike like the hike to Cummins Falls, a one piece suit is better for the hike and for swimming in the falls. The falls are rocking and a cutesy two-piece may not be the best choice for this particular adventure.
2. Lightweight Sneakers – The sneakers I wore were quite like the ones listed above, the Nike Roshe Run. I was able to wear the sneakers in the water, to scale the mossy slippery rocks. They dried quickly but the grip was just enough to hold on to the rocks on the trail.
 3. A bookbag – with lots of pockets. I was able to carry my water, gatorade, phone, and camera. The bag was nice and secure so if I fell or slipped, my stuff would be safe.
4. Waterproof Cell Case – My homegirl dropped her cell slipping on a mossy rock. Luckily it wasn’t destroyed, but we were concerned. We know we ALL have to take that selfie, but keep the phone safe.
5. Bug Guard and SunScreen – Common sense.
6. Sweat whisking outwear – If you workout, the walk down to the falls is easy, but the walk back to your car – it may take down the best trackstar. I little workout gear helps and will protect your legs from random branches.

Take my advice – hit the woods this summer. No matter where you go you can always keep it cute!

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