#FabJuicing: Sip N’ Glo Juicery, Philadelphia

Can you tell, I’m like, still in vacation mode? I know some people enjoy beach trips, but I love exploring urban loacales. So, while in Philly for The Roots Picnic  – I was able to explore the city. My friend, and tour guide, Toya, took me all around Philadelphia. I really fell in love with South Philly. The culture, the people, the shopping, and places to eat have won me over. 

Of course, I couldn’t go a week without my fresh juice. My body so LOVES it. While walking, we happened upon the Sip-n-Glo Juicery. This cute little spot on 932 South St, in Philadelphia. Boasts some of the best juice and the NICEST customer service EVER! The juices, fresh and organic, come in some of the best combinations. Plus, our juicer, Tuck, gave a us a special pick-me-up. See some of my drinks below:
The juice I tried was the One Love. Of all the juicing recipes I’ve tried, I never used fresh pineapple. Usually fresh pineapple makes my mouth taste funny, but not this time. The combo of Cucumber, Spinach, Ginger, apple, and Pineapple gave me the burst of energy I needed. The ginger was a nice addition. It was so good, I had to replicate it at the house.
Then our wonderful juice guide, Tuck (shout out to Tuck!), encouraged us to try a wheat-grass Shot. Oh, now I was stepping into next level juicing territory! Fresh wheat-grass has the most benefits EVER. It helps detoxify the blood, helps you go poo, helps heal wounds and heal the body becauseit contains almost every nutrient known to man! CLICK here for 50 MORE benefits of Wheat-grass. 
If you’ve never tried wheat-grass before – WHEW get ready! It has a bite! But, it’s not horrible. Plus it’s just a shot; you can swallow it in one gulp. It’s kinda sweet (kinda) and kinda bitter. Definitely be ready to wash it down with a cup of water. 
Then Tuck treated us even BETTER! He made a special shot for us to try. It had ginger, lemon, honey, and cayenne pepper. Sweet and spicy and a great detoxifier! Listen, it was SOOOO good and just what I needed to give me energy and complete my tour of the city.

So, if you are ever in Philadelphia, you gotta try this juicery, you’ll be so glad! And if you take a wheat-grass shot, Sip-n-Glo will take your photo and put it on their Wall of Fame. Very FAB!

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