SUMMER STYLE: Have a FAB date night!

Of the Summer Style looks, I think this one is my favorite. This is definitely a date night look. And for the Plus-Size lady, this is one of the best shapes you can wear to help hide some flaws and create an hour glass shape. And everyone wants to achieve that hour-glass shape!

Some of you may remember me wearing this look during Nashville Fashion Week. Well, it’s kind of the same, but I changed out the heavy sequined skirt with this fun cotton printed skirt. It’s summer, you want to wear materials that keep you comfortable and are easy to wear. This skirt, I can pick it up and put it on, no ironing necessary. 
Of course the peplum trend isn’t going ANYWHERE! Why should it, the right peplum shirt can instantly slenderize your silhouette while allowing you to look cute and classy. Even tho this skirt is tight (and can border on the line of hoochie) the peplum give me a more sassy appearance.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about how all my summer clothes came from ASOS Curve or Torrid. I’m definitely not loyal to one store but I know that I have to search different stores every season. Sometimes a store is winning during that season, and sometimes, not so much. I’m happy to say that Torrid and ASOS WON my coins for the summer. 
Peplum Top – SOLD OUT at ASOS, find similar at Torrid

Check out Day 1 and Day 2 of my Summer Style Series!

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