SUMMER STYLE: Flirty Girls Night

This has been one of my favorite series to do for the blog, and you better believe I’m gonna do it again for Fall 2014! Spotlighting my style of plus-size fashion adds another voice to the plus-size blogging community. I’m so mad I waited this long. 
Anyway, let’s get to today’s look! This is one of my FAVORITE looks to wear when going out with friends. It’s ultra comfortable and instantly chic. I’m a fan of putting on one or two pieces and calling it a freaking day. That’s why dresses and skirts are my go to items for summer! 

And just like I said in yesterday’s post, Torrid and ASOS have won my coins this summer. Each piece in this look is from one of those stores. Shoot, can the homie get a sponsor ship – LOL! Check the shopping list below:
Black Cotton Fold-Over Skirt – Torrid – Seriously, I purchased three of these skirts in various prints. It’s one of my favorite investments. I love that it keeps it’s shape and the fold-over style alows you to wear it in various lengths.
Cotton Hi/Lo Oversized Shirt – ASOS – I purchased two of these shirts about two years ago. These shirts are effortlessly fly, stick around when you gain a couple pounds. and flatter most figures.
If anything, I hope you learn to keep it simple when it comes to getting dressed this summer. One or two easy pieces and you should be out the door. Check back tomorrow for the last look of the series. 
Check out Day 1 – In the Office
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