MY STYLE: Sunday Brunch with the family

I think breakfast food is my favorite food ever. It’s essentially dessert for morning with a bit of savory thrown in. I mean, pancakes – it’s cake in the morning people! Lol! So, with my family in town, we decided to get Sunday brunch. If you know anything about wrangling a family together you know it’s a job. We didn’t want to be late for brunch hours. 

I decided to wear this easy dress from Ross ($12) because I needed to get dressed quick. Ross is the spot to find those little “hey get dressed quick” outfits for cheap. I like the Ross in Mt Juliet – it has the best plus-size section. I suggest you give them a visit.

And yes, the blue tote from Forever 21 makes another appearance. It’s just the best tote ever.  I can carry ALL THE THINGS in this tote. I might have to get the black one for the fall, I’m just saying. Click here to purchase.

We started at Puckett’s in downtown Nashville, but arrived too late for Sunday Brunch. I then remembered that The Garden Brunch Cafe was just up the street. My family would love the Garden Brunch’s DELICIOUS brunch that uses locally grown and owned produce. 

When you go, make sure to get the delicious banana’s foster pancakes! The most delicious pancakes I’ve had! And comes with a side of eggs and meat. If you’ve never been, you must pay them a visit. The wait is long on Sunday, but really, no matter where you go ON SUNDAY, for BRUNCH, you’re gonna have to wait.

So, what’s your favorite brunch look and brunch spot? Share in the comments below!

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