Sneaker Style: Turbans and Turquoise

Welcome to Day 2 of my Sneaker Style guide. This look was one of my favorite looks to shoot, however it was the last look I pulled. I knew I wanted to rock these Nike Fingertrap Air Max with a look, but I didn’t know how to mix the training look, with a casual look. But, I think I beasted it!

I was first attracted to these shoes because they featured my FAVORITE color – TURQUOISE! But then, I tried them on –  LADIES, these are like walking on a cloud! I’ve always purchased Nike Air MAX for a casual shoe, but these are the first Air Max I’ve used as a running shoe too. But let’s get to the fashion-y way to rock these.

Mixing vintage and  classic look, I achieved this comfortable yet sporty look by adding this turban, a trend for some, but part of my Sierra Leone heritage. I added one of my favorite camisoles from Torrid, and this swing skirt from Ashley Stewart. Then, a denim jacket pulls the whole hipster, urban, sporty look together. I mean I just like it.

I’m sure another question many will ask is, “How to tie a Turban?“. I learned the ability a long time ago, but there are tons of tutorials on YouTube. I shared my favorite EASY scarf tying tutorial on Natural in Nashville, click here. Adding a turban to an otherwise basic look, ups your style ante 100%! Try it.

Think about using this look as inspiration for you errand running style. Super simple, yet quite chic!

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