MY STYLE: My Hustle, My Fro, and the importance of black leggings

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Friday already knows wassup! Some people look at Friday as the beginning of a restful weekend while hustlers, like myself, get ready to seek out opportunity. My hustle, my fro, and BLACK LEGGINGS, get me through my whirlwind weekends. Tell me a girl who doesn’t love a black legging and I’ll show you a girl who isn’t hustling!

My weekend look always has a day that consists of black leggings, fun sneakers (or boots – c’mon FALL!), a catchy graphic tee and running around the city. I’m a blogger making blogger connections it’s my ‘go-to’ uniform. It’s comfortable but shows I still have a bit of style. If you know a girl who doesn’t own 40-11 pairs of black leggings, that girl can’t be trusted!


Some weekends I’m attending events or chilling with my godchildren or I’m working out or I’m hanging with friends. But sometimes – I just rest. And you know who’s always there for me, black leggings!

Specifically – Torrid’s premium leggings. Those things come from the heavens. Made with non see-through (that is VERY important) cotton that’s thick enough to smooth & contour your leg but thin enough to let your thighs breath. Plus Torrid’s premium leggings have an extra thick waistband that doesn’t roll and give you double belly. It’s the best legging for plus size ladies, and I’ve bought so many pairs of black leggings!

(Torrid is not paying me I’m just giving you a style tip – buy some for the fall)

Oh yeah – can someone please give me a partnership with Finish Line or Nike? You’ll never see any fly plus-size bloggers rocking athletic wear as much as I do! And I actually workout, check out my NEW weight-loss blog – My Fab Weightloss. Hook a sister up!

See, always hustling! Have a great weekend!

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