MY STYLE: Denim and denim and denim for Fall 2014

Shirt – Walmart, $13, Necklaces – Kate Spade and Charlotte Russe
Just get used to seeing this denim shirt – it’s my FALL STYLE fave! And did you feel the crisp in the air this morning? Ooh, Fall is coming to Nashville and it’s gonna be glorious. Check my tips to rocking denim below: 

I have a jean jacket but the hot trend for fall is denim on denim which means I need ALL OF THE DENIM! I popped over to Wal-mart (yes WAL-MART) men’s department to cop this Wrangler dark denim shirt. Oh the ways I’ll layer my new baby. Why Wal-Mart? Because the men’s department is a slick way to add a trend to you PLUS-SIZE wardrobe. Wal-Mart’s plus-size section isn’t my fave – but sometimes I find some gems. However, to find this oversized denim shirt – I knew Wal-mart would be my spot.
Just remember – denim on denim. It doesn’t have to be the same color denim. It doesn’t have to be the same designer, but rocking denim on denim is a hot thing for Fall. If you aren’t comfortable with rocking denim on denim – you can wear denim in interesting ways. Denim with lace, denim with leather, or denim with joggers/athletic wear. So many options!
Here’s my fave ways a to rock denim: (photos found on Pinterest)

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