MY STYLE: New Year, New Sparkle!

Skirt – ASOS

We are one week before the new year and I’m already planning on taking bigger more planned leaps for the myself and my blog. In the spirit of fashion, I’m planning to add a bit more ‘sparkle’ to my life like the skirt.

I’m not afraid to say that I’ve always taken the safe route – but being safe can sometimes keep you in a box. Let’s all decide to add more sparkle to our lives.

Expect change! Expect better! Expect more from this site. After seven years of blogging I finally found my stride. I’m not afraid to ‘put myself out there’ and take more chances. Even with these ‘My style’ posts I was SUPER SCARED to be ‘that girl’. That girl that’s always posting pictures and being ‘extra’. What would my friends think? Well, I was wrapped up in what other people thought and I didn’t even know what I thought. 

We were all created to inspire! When you get scared to share your God-given talents you rob the world of the gift of …you. Your platform may be 10 people or 10,000 – the point is to never DULL your sparkle. Especially, for those who may be stuck in the dark. 

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