MY STYLE: Summer looks like winter

Dress: Calvin Klein from Macy’s, Leggings & Shoes: Torrid, Bag: Ross, T-shirt: Wal-mart

We are in the dead of winter – well, winter in Tennessee. Which means it’s deathly cold, sometimes it snows, and the days are super short. But sometimes it’s kinda warm, like 50 degrees and sunny, and on those days I look longingly at my favorite summer dresses. Then the wind blows and I come back to my senses. But sometimes – – I get an idea. How can I wear my summer dress in the winter.

This is one of my favorite dresses to rock during spring/summer. I remember when I purchased the dress at Macy’s, realizing it was a Calvin Klein, then realizing “whoa, Calvin Klein makes plus-size!?” Listen, I was on the latest of the late buses! LOL! Anyway, I’ve rocked this trench style dress for years, never thinking to wear it as a jacket/vest. That’s the best thing about shopping your closet – you have to think outside the box to stretch your wardrobe. I found a whole new look and didn’t spend any money!

And lets talk about accessories. This is my favorite tote, even though it’s big as crap and I tend to overfill it with my entire life. I purchased this bag at Ross because it looked like those Celine bags that cost WAY MORE than I could afford. It’s not a knock-off fake bag, but it’s inspired by the shape of the Celine bags – there’s a difference. 
So, friends, I hope this look inspires you to re-think a summer look and rock it in the winter. Layers are your friend and accessories are your family. Get it!

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