MY STYLE: Fur and moving forward …


Dress: ASOS Curve, Fur: Vintage (Gifted), Shoes: Torrid, Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going.” — Pharrell Williams

This week’s style capture has become one of my favorite looks. It just reflects who I am and where I’m taking this blog. While changing the focus of the site, I had to make sure I continued to ‘keep it real’ with who I was and what I wanted to share. No longer chasing stories to be popular, I’m SHARING my point of view with readers (like you). That’s why this look, simple and fancy at the same time, is about me moving forward with what I know to be true.

Yup, same as the new header . . . so gorgeous!

So, let’s get into this look! I love it. It’s so simple. I love a wonderfully simple black dress and ridiculously fancy accessories. The dress, from ASOS Curve, actually has a cut out detail in the back. I chose not to show it because I might wear this dress for Nashville Fashion Week with different accessories.

Now let’s talk about this fur! I got this mid-length fur vest from my dear friend Charles. I went by his studio to get my dress altered. I got there just in time as he was clearing some space in his closet. I had my eye on the fur, but had no idea he was going to give it to me. I tried it on and it fit perfectly!

I asked Charles if I could wear it for the shoot – he surprised me by saying I could have it! I was amazed! I love gifts, especially surprise gifts. I’m not opposed to fur, so I was so happy when I received this gorgeous vinage fox for my collection. Such a blessing!

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