Nashville Fashion Week 2015: My favorite moments

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (or even the Snapchat) you’ve seen me post photos from Nashville Fashion Week 2015. But you know, as a proper blogger, I must log my experience on this digital space. Instead of logging my experience, day-by-day, I decided to compile my favorite moments from the week. And what a week it was! For the fifth year in a row, the crew over at NFW outdone themselves. Click the link for more . . .

My Blogger Influencer pass – I’m FANCY!
The first exciting moment was the very start of the week. I was all set up to purchase my tickets to the shows and be a regular attendee. But lo and behold, I was surprised by the folks at 12th & Broad! They chose me as one of five ‘Influential Bloggers at Nashville Fashion Week‘! Was, I surprised? YES! I’ve been supporting NFW since it’s inception. Serously, I just want people to know FASHION EXISTS in NASHVILLE! We are more than sequins and cowboy boots. Click HERE to read about the other bloggers selected to follow.
One of five! I was so happy to be apart of this group!
Taking my new found title quite seriously, I made sure to document my experience on social media, while encouraging people to come out to the shows. My phone is FILLED to the brim with photos – LOL! 
Starting the week was the Nashville Designers Showcase at Acme Feed & Seed. Why wouldn’t Nashville Fashion Week start off with Nashville fashion? The show featured presentations from Valentine Valentine, Eric Adler Clothing, Black by Maria Silver, Pink Elephant Designs, Ona Rex, Ola Mai, and Van Hoang Designs. Watching each designer present their looks was exciting. To know that Nashville is creating such gorgeous looks is inspiring.
Valentine Valentine’s Afro Ladies
During the middle of the week, fashion week took a turn to accessories and interiors. This was quite different because, attendees were used to five days of fashion. The unintentional break from traditional fashion helped attendees focus on other creatives making moves in Nashville. 
On Wednesday we went to the Cordelle (which is so gorgeous I could die) to dine on fashion.  Accessories as Art were the on the menu. Seven accessories designers were featured in this awesome spread. Becuase Ceri Hoover who won the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund, is a accessories designer, it kinda made sense to show the importance accessories have in fashion.
Crayon Sculptures from the Design + Fashion event
On Thursday, we had more alternatives to fashion with the crayon sculpture designs of Herb Williams presented at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams This day, I realized that interior design is fashion for your house. You’d think as much as I like fashion, I’d like interior design. But, I’m the worst! So, it was great to be in Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, their furniture is amazing and gorgeous.
Coco Chanel Crayola
Amazing location for the final fashion show . . . Bicentennial Mall
By Friday night we were back to the clothes! With only two fashion shows during the week, it really gave attendees time to absorb the gorgeous presentations. Friday’s show location was changed two times and ended up at Nashville’s Bicentennial Mall. It seemed like it should have been there all the time. Set against the backdrop of the Tennessee state capitol, the ampitheater was all abuzz with anticipation of Ready-to-Wear designs.
Timo Weiland as the final presentation of the night
 Presented on Friday night were:
 (Click the link to see photos)
I really don’t think I could choose a favorite, because each presentation was great! The best part of a Ready-to-Wear show is that each look is very approachable. The items we saw could be purchased online and in various boutiques around the city.
The Blogger Girls doing our favorite thing, photo booth posing!

Overall, this was the best Nashville Fashion Week, since the first Nashville Fashion Week back in 2010. The reorganization of locations, the addition of interior design and accessories, and the presentations allowed for attendees to get a full scope of creative design in Nashville.

Wanna continue to support fashion and creative endeavors in Nashville, make sure to donate to the Nashville Fashion Alliance!

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