My Style: Happy 8 Year Anniversary, Fab Glance

A new beginning . . . wearing custom a Charles Lord skirt and shoes you’ve seen a bunch of times.

 “The number 8, in the Bible, represents a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation . . . ” (source)

If you would have asked me eight years ago if I’d still be blogging, I don’t know what my answer would have been. Seriously, I started blogging just to answer people’s questions, share my views on fashion, and talk about trends. Like, I didn’t have an agenda but I knew I liked writing and I liked clothes. Check out my first post, I had a couple goals, but you know . . . life.

After a while, I got my stride. I noticed that people loved when I talked about celebrity style, Nashville boutiques, and fashion trends. So, I stuck to my lane. Then, enters social media. When I started Fab Glance, Instagram didn’t exist, twitter was a baby, and MySpace was the place to be. When social media really popped off, it changed the face of the blogger. Bloggers became celebrities and readers started liking photos way more than reading. It was hard in these streets for a blogger and I lost faith.

I almost quit this whole thing. I thought I’d be more famous than I was . . .  even though I didn’t have a plan. Because that makes sense. Yeah, right! 
I had to look at myself and ask what I really wanted. Did I want to be a famous blogger? Did I care if my readership was low (like less than 100 readers a day)? Should I change the theme of my blog? All those questions needed answers if I was gonna keep this party going. Because, my little feelings were hurt. So, I sought counsel. If you are looking for answers, consult people who are smarter than you, living how you wanna live, and doing what you want to do!
That was two years ago when I decided to revamp my blog. My blog mentor said, “Even though you are great writer, and you have a fun tone, your website reads like an encyclopedia.” Insert record scratch here . . . so what to do? His advice was to add more of myself to the blog. He said, the person standing in front of him was more interesting than the blog that she writes. So, that’s what I did. 
With my quick adaptation to social media I changed the way I approached the situation with a totally new approach. Share more of myself. Be more transparent. Keep it real. 
I live in Nashville
I’m plus-sized
I love social media
I love shopping and fashion
I love going to events . . . not just fashion events
Accessories: Necklace from Icing, Clutch from Torrid, and Bracelet from Tiffany & Co

And that’s what the newest version of Fab Glance is going be about. In my 8th year, the year of new beginnings, I won’t be afraid nor will I care if I’m as famous or well known as the other bloggers out there. I’m also spreading my expertise and my brand to other arenas. I recently became a new contributor for The RunwayPlus, I’ve developed a new blogging collaborative – The Blogger Girls, I’m returning to teaching classes at Nashville Community Education (October 2015), and . . . I’m writing my first book!

So, expect lots of fun and exciting things from me and the website. Thank you for rocking with me for so long. I hope you will continue to roll with me into a new and glorious future!

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