MY STYLE: All Black Everything … even in the summer

Sometimes rocking basic black is the perfect way to slay. Most days I have to FORCE myself to wear colors. Wearing black tends to be my staple look. So, when I decided to shoot this outfit of the day, I said, “let’s go with ALL BLACK”. Ahh, rocking basic black never felt so good.

I purchased this basic bodycon dress from ASOS more than two years ago. Trust me ladies, buy a basic black bodycon. You can wear it alone or layer it when the seasons change. During the summer, this is one of my favorite dresses to throw on. Whether rocking a pair of sneakers or a pair of pumps, this dress just works.


Oh, and let’s talk about the VBO – Visible Belly Outline! Look, if there’s one thing I’m a fan of, it’s a pair of SPANX or control top undergarments. But honey, it’s HOT outside. I don’t have time to layer several support garments just so someone wouldn’t be offended by a bit of belly fat. Even, with this tight dress, my belly is still poking out. No worries on my end. This outfit is TOO FAB not to rock. Plus, I’m plus-size, I have a belly. I’ve dealt with it. If someone has an issue, they can stand over there (points to invisible row of seats).

As far as accessories are concerned, I kept it ultra simple. My favorite convertible black tote from Forever 21 and these thick strap sandals from Torrid. Sometime the smallest thing make the biggest impact.

So, this summer, take some time to keep it simple. Your favorite dress and favorite shoes will always be a hit. Keeping it simple is the key to life.

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