FAB FAVES: Corporate Travel Favorites

Last week my #regularjob allowed me to travel to Atlanta. I was in the city for five days doing a corporate audit. My job usually allows me to travel at least three times a year but this was the first time I had so much responsibility. I can admit, I was a bit stressed. 
Coming off of the fab fun of Homecoming  week and jumping into ADVANCED weird plus travel, I had to come up with a way to stay FAB but be efficient. Above are some of my favorite items I came across last week:
Bath & Body Works Perfect Autumn Day – When traveling to a new office, I like to smell good but I don’t want to smell overwhelming. I went to Bath & Body Works before leaving to find some travel sized smell good. Bath & Body Works new fall lines have some interesting scents, but this one is my favorite! It’s light, a bit of a spicy accent, and really smells like what you want a fall day smell like.
MAC Prep + Prime Skin – My job is an auditor. I have to interview employees all day. I like my skin to look fly and my make-up to be smudge proof. MAC Prep + Prime is my go to primer (and I’ve tried a lot). It’s bae!
Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette – I have tons of make-up palettes, but this one is my favorite. It’s compact, the colors are vibrant but not overpowering, and there are enough colors to take me from day-to-night. It’s a great travel palette.
Bolthouse Farms Blueberry Banana Almondmilk – Listen! This was the best breakfast to have all last week! I was on the run, had to be in the hotel lobby in a timely manner (because I’m always late) – so this was the best version of breakfast. And it’s EXTRA tasty.
 These were my favorites for last week. Come back next week for more Fab Favorites.

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