FAB FAVES: Nailcare for 2016

Welcome to the first FAB FAVES segment of 2016! I enjoy sharing my faves with you. It give you a glimpse into my life and some of the brands I stand by. Today’s fave is all about nailcare. Usually, I go to the nail salon to get my mails done. I’m no longer into the super-detailed acrylic nails, but I love a great manicure. However, I’m taking a break from the nail salon. So, let’s discuss how I plan to keep my nails healthy and looking good for the new year.

Above, I have my Studio Beauty nourishing nail polish remover, a simple manicure kit, Sally Hansen’s ‘Hard as Nails’ Acrylic Gel, Deborah Lippman’s ‘Single Ladies‘ nail polish, and some KISS acrylic nails. I tried the acrylic nails, but they only lasted a day. It wasn’t that the nails were bad, it’s just that I have oddly flat nail beds. The curve of the acrylic press-on nail didn’t fit (even with crazy glue). So I went the tried-and-true method of nail polish.

Lately, I’ve been going for the wines and the navy blues. This time around I went for this maroon color by Deborah Lippman. Deborah Lippman polish is a bit expensive, but many times you can catch a sale. The color is rich, last long, and is non-toxic. It’s definitely a fave!

I’ll make sure to share more of my nail polish adventure with you. I have plenty of polishes, why not do my nails myself and save a little bit of money.

What’s your favorite nail polish? Let me know in the comments section.

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