MY STYLE: Stripes on stripes on stripes …

PURCHASE: Stripped Shirt (similar), Leggings, Boots (similar), Sweater (similar), and  Scarf

Many don’t know, stripes are my FAVE pattern. There was a time when I had so many stripped shirts I had to have one of my friends hold me accountable to NOT buy another stripped thing! LOL! But, this is one of my favorite stripped shirt/dress. Yup, this is a shirt AND dress and it is my FAVE!

Oh, and it’s super cold outside. But, you girl, hasn’t found a coat that she likes in about four years. So, what do I do? LAYERS! All the layers! This thick long sweater came from goodwill, and it’s another fave. I can belt it, wear it free, or even use it as a layering situation. Of course, my fave black leggings are on deck. This is an outfit I wear at least three times a month. It’s just so easy to wear and it has stripes! Listen, stripes and pockets are my JAM!

And, let’s talk about my super-favorite yellow scarf. Did I say it’s my fave? It’s really long and really warm, and quite versatile. I purchased this a couple years ago from Dillard’s (on a whim). It’s been a winter staple every since. You always need a fun scarf to brighten up you winter look.

So, what are your favorite go-to looks for these cold weather days? You, know, the ones that are easiest to find and allow you to look pulled together with minimal effort? Let me know in the comments section!

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