FAB FAVE: Books and buys …

Since announcing the release of my book, I’ve been on super research mode. My book is part style guide and part self-esteem manual. The books above are an old fave and a new fave. The old fave is by style maven, June Ambrose entitled Effortless Style. Then my new fave, Be You & Live Civil by blogger/media maven, Karen Civil.

Both books are written by self-made women who know hold their own in the music & style industry. They are also black women. Of course, I had to add them to my research list. Be You & Live Civil is short read filled with inspiring stories from Karen’s life. She doesn’t give you any secret tips, but the book does show how she overcame some crazy obstacles to become the woman we see today. While, Effortless Style is straight-forward and to the point. This is a style guide with a couple of awesome style stories thrown in for good measure.

Writing a book is quite difficult. Not because I don’t know what to write about, but it’s the need for discipline. With so many distractions, I have to buckle down to get it done. No matter how many books are published, I know my words will reach and intrigue someone to live their best life.

So, what are you reading? Let me know in the comments section.

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