MY STYLE: Nashville Fashion Week – Day 3

Wow! Nashville Fashion Week is almost over! Time flies when you are being fashionable. Last night, was the Behind The Scenes: An Accessory Installation Gallery. The event featured five accessories ARTISTS (because designer isn’t enough) as they presented their pieces in contemporary installations. For a show like this, I wanted to rock this chic glittery look. Seriously, this is one of the most comfortable looks I’ve worn. Let’s get into it:

Last night’s event took place at WELD Nashville, a shared work-space for Nashville’s best creators and entrepreneurs. The featured accessories designers for the night were Arutro Rios, Debe Dohrer, Emil Erwin, Mary Mooney and Suzan Pitt. The artists presented compelling set designs to spotlight their creations.
My favorite was Suzan Pitt’s gorgeous jackets. I mean! This is more than a coat, this is wearable art and I am HERE for it. Suzan’s surreal artistry can be seen captured on these garments. It’s a new and compelling way to look at the artist’s work. Make sure to visit Suazan’s website for more details.
Shirt & Shoes: Torrid, Skirt: Strut Couture Boutique
As for me, I selected this gold sequin skirt and off-the-shoulder shirt to wear to the art event. It was my nod to Sex and the City. Why, because the SATC girls were always fabulously overdressed for the most chic-ly casual events. I thought, “why not be Carrie this evening?” This look was a hit, and like I said, seriously the most comfortable to wear.
Tonight is the last runway show of the week; tickets are still available. We’ll descend to downtown Nashville watching fashion stroll the capital building. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter for up-to-the-minute reviews of the shows (especially SnapChat!). See you tomorrow!

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