MY STYLE: Denim Blues

This post was supposed to go up hours ago but news of Prince’s passing had me in my feelings. I thought I wasn’t a big Prince fan, but as I looked for a playlist (on Tidal) I realized I love more than 20 Prince songs. Ok, I’m a fan. 
What I liked most about Prince was his ability to do HIM so flawlessly. As a musician and as a style icon. I mean, Pronce had men out here wearing ruffle shirts and side-swipe Jheri curls. You might not like his looks, but you had to respect a 5’2″ man who wore heel and could steal your girl in two seconds. Prince’s legacy inspires me to DO ME to the best of my ability, to create without restraint, and die giving the best of my talents. 
That’s why today’s look is one of my faves. When it’s all said and done everyone knows I love a bodycon dress and a good pair of sneakers. It’s my current uniform and my version of shabby chic. Gone are the days when I felt like I need to look like that girl or that blogger just to get views. That’s not integrity and it’s not fair to you, my readers. 

These Nike’s are so comfy and so fly. I caught them on sale at Finish Line. The bag is one of my faves purchased from Forever 21 a couple years back, they have several new colors in stock now. Of course, my dress is from Asos; they sell the BEST bodycons. This whole look may be my summer staple, so get used to it. Lol!

So, I hope you find someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Don’t rob the world of your greatness – we need it! 

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