LETS EAT: Bolthouse Farms release new flavors for Summer 2016

Last week, I was surprised with a gift pack of Bolthouse Farms! They sent me their new juices and smoothies. I’m sure read my Fall review of juices from Bolthouse Farms (read here) so you know I was more than happy to taste these summer upgrades.
This month’s package included three of the new Protein PLUS drink and two new smoothie blends:
  • Banana Honey Almond Butter Protein Plus
  • Coconut Protein Plus
  • Strawberry Protein Plus
  • Raspberry Blood Orange Smoothie
  • Berries & Green Veggie Smoothie

Listen! All these new blends are really tasty. My favorite HAS to be the Raspberry Blood Orange! I cn defintely see mixing this into a tasty sangria, or adding a bit of vinegar and making it a dressing for a crisp summer salad. The protein plus combos are good too – but they have dairy and I’m allergic. However, I gave those combos to my friends; I heard nothing but rave reviews.

Bolthouse Farms is working really hard to give costumers what they want while introducing new flavor combos. The company is offering more diary alternatives, protein substitutes, and more ways to mix greens into your diet. Also, the company has jumped into salad dressings and the company offers lots of recipes on the website. Recipes that utilize the juices, smoothies, and assorted beverages. I mean, if you want to be healthy, Bolthouse Farms is where to start.

So, give the new drinks a try. Let me know in the comments section which is your fave!

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