MY LIFE: Vacation at the Georgian Terrace, ATL

The Georgian Terrace Hotel near the Fox Theatre is an iconic hotel in Midtown Atlanta

Oh yes! It’s travel season! The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are some of the most highly traveled days in the United States. Basically, it’s hot everywhere so we can go everywhere! Of course we dream of far away places and beach destinations. But sometimes the best trips are close by. That’s why I love living in Nashville, we have a an international airport and we are 4-8 driving hours  from some major cities – including ATLANTA!

Today’s MY LIFE post is about my stay-cation in one of my FAVORITE Atlanta hotels, The Georgian Terrace. Listen, get your credit card ready, and book a room, because by the end of this post, you are gonna love this hotel!

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just LOVE this hotel! Let’s get to it –

First up, I will not stay at any other hotels when I go to Atlanta. The Georgian Terrace is historical, sweetly southern, with modern amenities. The Georgian Terrace hotel is over 100 years old. It was the host hotel for the premiere of Gone With The Wind. It’s across from the historic Fox Theater and continues to host weddings, movies productions, and corporate events.

The view, 20 floors up!

What I love most about the Georgian Terrace hotel is the architecture. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a fan of amazing architecture. Every visit to the The Georgian Terrace hotel, I see a new angle of this hotel that I hadn’t seen before. My favorite site is the view from the lobby it goes straight to the top of the building. At any time of the day, the windows will catch the sunlight giving visitors an artistic view of the hotel’s design.

So now, let’s talk about the rooms! Listen, the hotel just went through a massive upgrade. I’ve stayed here more than five times (business and fun) but this update is what made me say, “I’ll never stay at another hotel in Atlanta.” The designers worked hard to keep the aesthetics southern but yet modern. Dark wood floors, abstract artwork, and super comfy beds are provided to you upon visit.

My last stay, provided by my day job, allowed me to stay in this very fly junior suite! HONEY! Let me tell you – SO FAB! Each stay, I’ve been in five different style rooms. So, depending on what side and what floor you stay on you will have a different style of room every visit. Although historic, the Georgian Terrace gives you that trendy boutique feeling.

Let’s talk about customer service. So, I worked in the hotel industry for almost seven years. I’ve worked in ‘Five Diamond‘ award winning hotels, historic hotels, and janky ones. I’m very critical about hotel staff because I’ve been trained and I know the behind-the-scenes details of running a large establishment. No matter what, customers come back if the employees treat them right. Gotta give it to the Georgian Terrace, their employees are AMAZING! From corporate events to personal stay, I’ve never had an issue with the staff (and sometimes my ‘day job’ staff can be difficult). The Georgian Terrace staff handles issues quickly, effectively, and with a smile.

Other things I appreciate about The Georgian Terrace (but didn’t get to photograph) are: The ROOFTOP pool, the rooftop athletic facility, the amazing ballrooms, and the good food. Five stars guys! Oh yeah, the hotel is in Midtown Atlanta and it’s close to EVERYTHING. Like, walking distance from all types of restaurants, shops, and theaters.

If I had one complaint, I’d have to say the parking situation – it’s kinda confusing and a bit expensive. But, I have to remember midtown Atlanta doesn’t have much free parking. Other than that, I’m good.

So, if you are taking a quick trip to Atlanta, and you are trying to take your accommodations to the next level, check out The Georgian Terrace. It’s my FAB FAVE!

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