MY STYLE: Turban Fantastic

Last week I attended the O’more College fashion show. Read the review here: Now, as excited as I was I had no idea what I was gonna wear. Coming from Nashville Fashion Week, I was tapped out ideas for what to wear. 
Ladies, that’s when you shop your closet. In this age of social media, we get so hyper-aware of wearing the same outfit more than once, especially when it’s photographed. Listen, ain’t nobody got time for that! If an outfit or item made you feel good, ROCK IT AGAIN! 
I’ve worn elements of this outfit several times. But I wore each item differently. I choose this look because it was comfortable and fashionable. I was coming straight from work. This shirt, skirt, and sandals are all from Torrid. 
Then, my hair was looking crazy. Send in the head wrap! I’ve had this printed material for YEARS. Purchased three yards at the African Street Festival. I’ve been wrapping my hair for years. I learned by my own mistakes, but now there are TONS of tutorials on YouTube. Take a look and get your life, it’s such a time-saver. 

So, I hope this look encouraged you to shop your closet. Please believe, if you see me in these Nashville streets, I may be rocking this look again. And I hope you rock your favorite looks again too!

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