REVIEW: O’more Fashion Show 2016

Like I said previously, the O’More Student Fashion Show is one of my favorite shows of the year. It’s the time of the year to see what our region has to offer. The O’More College of Design attracts students from across the country. Each designer who presents showcases the very best in craftsmanship and design. This year’s show set a new standard, held at John C. Tune Airport, guests were whisked away to a world of fashionable whimsy. Below, I spotlight some of my favorite designers from the show. Believe me, their were some stand-out stars – we should see their works in a store near you!

First up we have Angela Jackson’s collection, ‘The Butterfly Effect’. Of her collection, Angela says that she wanted to explore the how others are effected by the way women dress and carry themselves. She presented more than 10 lady-like pieces and these lace pantsuits were my favorite! I could see each piece worn separately or together for a wow effect. The audience gasped with excitement when these looks came down the runway.
Angela Jackson,  The Butterfly Effect

Anna Hurdle‘s collection, ‘Panoplia‘ was filled with texture and advanced design technique. Though she’s just a junior in the program, one can see that Anna’s aesthetic is one that will appeal to the most dramatic yet forward thinking consumer. The final piece of her presentation was this amazing zip front pantsuit with attached cape belt. Can I have it right now?
Anna Hurdle, Panoplia

Brittany Westmorland gave us a dose of darkness and romantic appeal with her graphic print knitwear and textured dresses. This asymmetrical cut hooded shirt was one of my favorite looks. The cut is simple but the effect give the viewer a longing to embrace the darkness of the forest.
Brittany Westmorland, RAW
So, one of the best part of the O’more Fashion Show are the designers who create kids-wear. Listen, creating looks for kids is NOT an easy task. I couldn’t imagine trying to figure out how to make a kid look stylish, fun, and comfortable. Carrington Elliott‘s collection, ‘MODern Rags‘, embodied those qualities. These little girls looked like they had so much fun wearing the designs. I loved all of the hand embroidered and three dimensional details.
Carrington Elliott, MODern Rags

Chelsea Weems was another kids-wear designer. She got to show both her junior and senior collections. What I loved about Chelsea’s designs is that she treats children’s clothes with the utmost respect. Not just for the cutesy-cutesy, these looks are awesomely crafted and immaculately created. Chelsea is serious about kid’s clothes; I can’t wait to see her designs on the sales floor.

I remember Hannah Donnelly when she showed her plus-size collection at last year’s show. I was impressed. It’s pretty difficult to create original designs for bigger bodies. The proportions have to be correct and the fall has to be lovely. Hannah gets it correct in addition to giving viewers hand dyed textiles and loads of interesting textures. Keep your eye on this designer.
Hannah Donnelly, Zingara
Payton James‘ collection, ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, was a crowd favorite. Who would have thought that minimalism and a nod to the 70’s would actually mix. But this junior designer made it work! Y’all know I love outfits that don’t require too many elements, so Payton’s collection is my style. Also, her collection is one I could see people immediately purchasing.
Payton James, Like A Rolling Stone
Stephanie Capporella’s Asian inspired collection, ‘Ruby Dear‘, was an award winner. Actually she won the Distinguished Designer award for her craftsmanship and business plan. I don’t think anyone would disagree with this award. Stephanie’s presentation was breathtaking. Models slowly walked on traditional clogs as they showcased raw edged kimono’s, tailored cigarette pants, and fantastic knitwear.

Like I said, O’more’s show is always a crowd-pleaser! I never know what these talented minds will present but I’m always amazed at what I see. Make sure to support these local designers as they roll out their wonder collections.

Which was your favorite? 
Let me know in the Comment’s Section!
Photos by Patrick Webster Photography

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