#ShowYourArms Chic Look

#ShowYourArms Chic Look

On Wednesday, I started the #ShowYourArms campaign! The goal of this movement (yup I’m calling it a movement) is to encourage women to get more comfortable with their bodies. Having flabby, fat, or chunky arms seems to be a challenge for plus and straight sized women. I created this campaign to increase confidence, especially during this HOT summer months! (Dude, it’s supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend!)

This week’s outfit is all about the #ShowYourArms movement. I created this tank top (that I might start selling) as inspiration for this look. As you know, I love pairing high end items with more affordable items. TREND ALERT: Structured culottes are making a come back, and I’m here for it! Wearing a simple tank with a more polished pair of pants can take your chic level up to a 100% while making getting dressed much easier! I mean, two pieces and your are done, ready to start your day.

Give it a try. Find a cute tank, #showyourarms, and slay the day!

Would you rock this look? Let me know in the comments section!

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