Fab Glance turns EIGHT!

“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach
Today my little ol’ blog turns eight years old! Man! I been in the blogging game for eight years. I can say, it goes by so quickly and so slowly at the same time.
I remember the day I decided to start a blog. I was chilling at a friend’s house talking about fashion. This particular friend was known for collecting tons of fashion magazines (that was why we kicked it so much), so I was thumbing through one and got an idea. “Why don’t I start a website where I answer fashion questions?” From that moment Fab Glance started.

My first logo – created in Word Publisher – LOL!

I didn’t know WHAT I was doing, but I had a dream.  I made a quick ‘logo’ on my computer and the blog was born. I just wanted people to know more about fashion. I wanted people to not look at fashion as some foreign concept. I wanted people to appreciate the work that went in to styling celebrities. And I wanted women to feel comfortable expressing themselves through fashion. So I wrote and wrote and wrote! 

When Fab Glance started there was no Instagram, Twitter was just a baby, and Facebook was finally available for regular people. No one cared about your ‘brand’ and Outfits of The Day were like, weird! Blogging was much easier back then because people still read. So, my site was a resource for all things celebrity, fashion, and trends. I didn’t feature myself too much, because hiding behind my words was much easier.  

My second logo – we’ve come a long way!
But when the boom of social media became real, I knew people wanted to know more about Melissa, the woman behind the keyboard. That’s when I started sharing my personal style with the world. That was scary!  

I had a lot of hiccups along the way. I was real scared. I’m an naturally shy person so putting myself ‘out there’ was a test of my wills. To tell the truth I still get a bit scared and awkward. But I pushed forward knowing my dream was meant to become a reality. Through embarrassments, procrastination, blogger envy, and frustration I moved forward. I carved out my little space in the Internet world and was once considered the number one urban fashion blog in Nashville according to Google! Yup! 
My first OFFICIAL photo shoot!

I’m happy to say my blog has been featured on Buzzfeed, I’ve met tons of celebs, I’ve worked with amazing brands, and I’ve even been celebrated in my city. New bloggers come to me for mentoring, I started TWO ADDITIONAL blogs (Natural in Nashville and The Blogger Girls),  I teach fashion classes at my local community education program, I got business license, and I have a book coming. Whew!

Could I be more successful? Should my name be more well known? Would I be in a better place if I made different moves? Only God knows the answers to those questions. But, I’m happy to say this #bloggerlife is one I love. I wouldn’t change my journey for anything. I can only see more success coming my way and a dream of being 100% paid by the opportunities that blogging presents. 
Watch me work, people! I’m here to inspire and encourage you to live your dream. Yup, it’s HELLA hard and people will say you are crazy. But it’s the crazy ones who change the world! 
Thanks for being on this journey, thanks for telling your friends about me, and thanks for your support!

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