MY STYLE: Shape Shifter

I took a little time off after last week’s events to give the blog some time to breath. It can be a bit draining when you realize that we are dealing with the a HUMONGOUS police brutality problem in America and a worldwide racism problem. For my generation, this week’s events have made us come to a realization: WE must be the change we want to see in the world. We have to shift our focus, understand how we can help, and be deligent in our intentions. It will not be easy to change, but it is possible.

That’s why I chose this week’s look – it was a change for me. This look shifted the way I thought I could wear trends. As much as I tell my personal style clients to “give it a try” when they are pondering a new look, I needed to remember to tell myself the same thing.

I was gifted this suit from the online retailer, Kream Inc.  When the owner let me know she was sending me a care package I was interested to see what she would send. I really wanted THIS dress but was surprised to find this jumpsuit. When I tell you this jumpsuit is the most comfortable thing I wear right now, I tell no lies

At first, I wasn’t impressed. I actually let the suit hang in my closet for a couple of days. Why? Because, I thought, it wasn’t my style. I’m already self-conscious of my fat thighs, why would I wear a suit that accentuated that self-perceived flaw? But, this was a gift. I’d be rude to not even try it on.

And when I did it was magic! What I thought would look awkward, looked amazing, and was extremely comfortable. This jumpsuit can be dressed up or worn casually. It almost fits like a maxi-dress, but gives you the ease of pants. Also, it’s RED! I never wear red. But, I gave it a try and I’m in love. The draping of this jumpsuit is actually slenderizing (my mom’s favorite word). With my tall build, I love how the suit just falls on my body. Did I say how much I love this jumpsuit?

Jumpsuit – Kreme Inc, Croptop – HM, Sneakers – Adidas

As I noted above, we have walked into an era of having to accept the world around us is changing and we owe it to ourselves to at least give change a try. It may fit you a bit better than you thought it would.

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