MY STYLE: Reluctant Working Girl

Being plus-size and working in an office environmental can be tough on your style. Shoot, most women struggle dressing for the office. Why? Because staying within the corporate handbook can be kinda boring. Wearing khakis, black slacks, (kinda interesting) blouses, and maybe a dress are the basic options – not too fun. Today, I decided to share one of my favorite office looks as I break through the corporate rut . Let’s discuss ….  


Even though my style leans more toward classic pieces, you’d think the standard suit & blouse would be a go-to for me. But, I still like to add pops of color and style. Often I mix separates to create looks. Like this skirt from torrid and top from Lane Bryant. Ladies, if you don’t own a wrap top or wrap dress, you losing! This top accentuates your waist (or lack of) and gives your look polished appeal. 

I used to get discouraged because other ladies in my office didn’t want to dress up. They were okay with the standard issue work polo and work slacks. But I decided to be an example of style in our office. Just going the extra mile in my apparel gave me favor with our clients and my managers. 

Now, as I prepare to transition to full-time blogger status (2017 – let’s cross our fingers) I’ll never forget my corporate chic. When you dress your best, you dress for success. Don’t be afraid to stand out in the corporate setting. 
What do you wear to work? Let me know. In the comments section!

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