MY STYLE: Bring it back around . . .

Hi, my name is Melissa and I repeat clothes! Whew! I’m so happy to let you know that. Nah, but for real, it’s okay to repeat clothes. Don’t let social media fool you, us fashion bloggers find new looks to rock every week, but between posts – we rock the same stuff. Let me tell you about the remix . . .

Dress & Shoes: Torrid (no longer avail), Bag: Styles Boutique (no longer avail)

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you should know that this dress is my FAVORITE dress and I’ve worn it on this blog no less than three time. Check out the first time I wore this dress, click here. About five years ago, I purchased this dress for my birthday. I wore it for two birthdays in a row and two OOTD photo shoots. Every time I wear this dress I get compliments. You know why? I change accessories!

I’ve worn this dress in the winter with tights and a long-sleeve shirt. I’ve worn it in the spring with a denim jacket and sneakers. And, now I’m wearing it as it was intended; as a sundress with heels. Each look gave the dress a different vibe.I even decided to revisit the colorblock trend. Listen, getting dressed is just an experiment with different elements of style.

You may have worn an outfit one way, but use your Googles, to see how someone rocked the look the way think you’d want to rock it. I’m not a fan of buying clothes just to buy new stuff. I like to get MAXIMUM usage out of items. You have to fight against your fear of people judging you. Most of the time, people will compliment you because you are stylish. Believe me!

So, take it from me. Try rocking your look again. Add some different jewelry, a diff shoe, or add a cardigan – you’ll never know the outcome. ALSO, when you rock a look that you’ve already worn, you are already comfortable. You already know how it’s gonna fit. You will feel so at ease because you know this look already looks good! Give it a try, take a picture, and get your life. Try the REMIX!

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