#NashvilleCurves presents Adrienne Nichole!

Welcome back to #NashvilleCurves Summer Edition! First up, we’d like to thank EVERYONE for your overwhelming response to the Nashville Curves initiative. As the creator of Nashville Curves, I’m excited for the future of the project. I will definitely answer all your questions about initiative at the end of the week. But for now, let’s spotlight these gorgeous girls!

First up is our luxurious diva, Adrienne! Y’all Adrienne is a diamond. Seriously, her style sparkles and she brings light to any room. I’ve know Adrienne for a couple years. She was one of the first people I thought of when I planned this shoot. After you read her profile, I know you will love her too. Let’s get into it:

Name, Age – Adrienne Nichole, 25
What do you do and why do you do it? –  I am a sassy Community Relations Manager for an international non-profit organization by day and a blogger and social media maven by night. My mission in both my professional and freelance career is to empower women to be their best selves. There are so many false messages and undue pressure that society sends to and thrusts upon women to be perfect. Many times women subscribe to those goals, never realizing that they are unattainable! There’s no “one size fits all” way to do life and reach your goals. I look at myself as that friend, whether in-person or online, that’s coming alongside women and saying, “Hey, girl, you can do it. Keep going!” With lots of love and confidence and a funny meme…or three…we will all reach our goals and live out dreams, together!

How do you deal with mean or backhanded comments from family, friends, or strangers? – Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to not have to deal with this often. I am a firm believer that there is a root to every fruit. Many times, when people speak negatively about others it has more to do with their own insecurities and shortcomings than the person they’re speaking about. You know the saying, “What Sally says about Susie says more about Sally than it does about Susie?” I think that statement speaks for itself. If ignoring backhanded comments was a class, I’d get an A. I’m a pro at not making the insecurities of others my own.
What advice would you give your YOUNGER curvy self? – Don’t rush and listen more! There’s a time and a place for everything and your time will come but patience is key.
When you were asked to do a bathing suit shoot, what was your first reaction?
It’s about time someone besides my mirror got to enjoy these big arms and stretch marks! Haha, just joking . . . sort of! I loved the concept and was super excited to collaborate with other women (a first for me) doing something that represents the beauty and confidence that resides in the beautiful city I call home-Nashville!
Are curves appreciated in Nashville? – I think, in American culture, the topic of curvy and plus size bodies is still a bit taboo. The curves on J-Lo are widely accepted while the curves on Gabourey Sidibe aren’t. Thankfully, there are people like TessHoliday and Danielle Brooks, along with many others, that are taking steps to change the narrative. As far as Nashville is concerned, I do think that being in the south makes curves more acceptable than they are in say, New York? I think it also comes down to what’s acceptable in different communities and cultures. Historically curves are more celebrated in black and Latina communities than they are in others. The conversation is so deep and wide, but it’s also ever evolving which is a good thing!
What’s your favorite store to shop as and why? (local, online, vintage, etc) – Ah! This is a hard one! I’d have to say Eloquii.com. Eloquii is an L Brand so you can count on the quality of the clothing, but they also provide so much variety and there’s always a sale. Needless to say it’s a love-hate relationship! Ha!
Tell us about one item in your closet you’ll never let go of? – My black cape blazer, for sure. Coincidentally, it’s from Eloquii.com and gives all of the Olivia Pope realness you can stand!
Describe you favorite summer look – Maxi, maxi, maxi, maxi, maxi, maxi (read to the tune of Desiigner’s “Panda”). Give me a fabulous maxi dress, preferably with long sleeves, and I’m good to go!

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