Fab Glance presents #NashvilleCurves

Being jealous of a beautiful woman is not going to make you more beautiful. – Zsa Zsa Gabor
Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Nashville Curves project! I’m so excited to present this photo series to you. When I thought about doing a bathing suit shoot for the summer, at first I thought about just featuring myself. But, I realized how many beautiful curvy women I knew in the city of Nashville, and I thought I’d do a collaborative post. That one idea, turned into a movement. I realized that Nashville known for it’s curvy community, although there are so many beautiful curvy women in the city. Who better than Fab Glance to feature the city’s most beautiful women?


Left to Right: Fab Glance, Adrienne, Francheska, Temi, Amber

Meet Adrienne, Francheska, Temi, and Amber, the ladies of the Nashville Curves Summer Series!   This week,  I’ll profile the woman featured in this photo series. These ladies are going to drop jewels on being plus-sized, shopping online & in the city, and building confidence in the plus-size community. These amazing, beautiful, and curvy ladies live, work, and shop in Nashville. They have amazing style and even more confidence. When I tell you, you will be slayed by the photos, I tell no lies. Getting ready to swoon!


And, can we talk about style? When we discussed the wardrobe for this shoot, the ladies were ready to SHOW OUT! Don’t worry, each Nashville Curves profile will let you know EXACTLY where they purchased their suits and even some of their favorite shopping destinations. The shoot day was so fun! We shared tons of style tips with each other. I loved how everyone showcased their personal style as we worked as a collective.

Lastly, I have to give all the credit our wonderful photographer, Toni Denisa. You’ve seen her work on the site many times before. This time, though, magic really happened! Shooting plus-size women in a bathing suits may be a challenge for other photographers but Toni made it look easy. Toni caught the vision as soon as I sent the first text. The shoot was filled with laughs, fun, and motivational moments. Toni bought out even more beauty in each lady. It was an amazing shoot!


So, come back tomorrow for our first feature. Make sure to follow the #NashvilleCurves hashtag on Instagram for more photos.

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