MY STYLE: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t . . .

Back in beginning of the year, I told you guys that I was still exploring my style (click here). The best way to update and enhance is to try new things. For the most of the summer, I’ve been admiring the sexy off-the-shoudler peasant tops and flare leg jeans that happen to be on trend. I thought to myself, it’s out of my comfort zone, bu let me give it a try. Let’s get into it:

Entire look from Torrid: Cold Shoulder Top. White Flares Jeans 

So, first up, I barely wear colors this light! You know I love the color black and I love dresses. Basically, I likes to keep it simple, no fuss. So when I selected this top from Torrid, I thought, “OMG, this is SUCH a fussy shirt!”. But, I didn’t mind it. It isn’t my favorite shirt, but I kinda like. Guys, work with me, I’m trying these things for YOU!

Now, I am totally in love with these flare leg jeans. Listen, I’m six feet tall; it’s so hard to find PLUS-SIZE jeans that fit long! When I received these jeans, also from Torrid, I was very pleased. Now, white, that was something to get used to. But I like it – can’t believe it.

Put it all together and we get this pastel boho look. Even as I was taking this photo, people were complimenting me. Now, will I rock this look on regular basis? I don’t know. It takes so much for me to rock a lot of color, but I’m not going to count it out. I may have a couple more solorful summer looks up my sleeve. Stay tuned.

So, have you tried a new trend this summer? Let me know in the comments section? Anything you’d like me to style? Let me know that too!

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