What is #NashvilleCurves & How can I be down?

#NashvilleCurves is a thing! It’s a thing now! OMG it’s a thing! Ok, so what is it? This post is going to answer all of your questions about the Nashville Curves project. Also, I want to thank you for your support. Last week we received so many comments and accolades for this project. I did not expect for this project to touch so many people. After the onslaught of emails, I realized I needed to give the people what they want. Nashville wanted to see more curves, and gosh-darn-it, Fab Glance is the site to give it to you. Let’s get started:


Swimsuit from Forever 21

 What is the Nashville Curves project? The Nashville Curves project started off as a simple photo series with a matching hashtag, #NashvilleCurves. Personally, I was going to do a swimsuit photo-series, then I thought to add some of my friends who were curvy too. I asked some friends who were fun and beautiful and doing great things (entrepreneurs, community developers, and amazing people).

As I was  planning the shoot, I started thinking I wanted to spotlight MORE curvy ladies. I wanted to take this farther than just a photo shoot. I realized that Nashville has amazing women doing great things, that a happen to be curvy. Nashville Curves was developed after that thought.

So what happens next? Fab Glance will present Nashville Curves as a multi-media fashion presentation featuring Nashville’s curvy ladies of substance and style. This presentation will occur once a quarter as a themed photo shoot with additional videography. In 2017, Fab Glance will host a Nashville Curves meet-up as a way to bridge the a gap between Nashville’s curvy ladies by presenting curated plus-size retailers and beauty brands that enhance the life of plus-size women.

Swimsuit from Swimsuits for All

How can I be in the photo shoot? Is this a modeling agency? Each Nashville Curves participant is hand selected by me, Melissa, Editor-in-Chief of Fab Glance. In the future, I will accept nominations for future participants. The Fall 2016 class has already been selected, but I am looking for Winter 2017 class. Nashville Curves is NOT a modeling agency. Nashville Curves is a way to present plus-size women to the Nashville community while spotlighting their positive attributes.

I’d like to be a photographer, how can I be down? Right now I am looking for women photographers and videographers to shoot future quarterly campaigns. Why women?  I’ve wanted to spotlight female entrepreneurs more often on this website and I know the Nashville Curves project is a great way to do it. If you’d like to be a photographer for future campaigns, send me an email with photo samples.

Are there other ways to participate? YES! I am looking for clothing, accessory, make-up artists, and beauty retailers to partner with and feature in future Nashville Curves campaigns.  CLICK HERE to see my past collaborations. If you want your product or service presented to more than 20,000 readers and fans, the Nashville Curves project and Fab Glance brand is the campaign to partner with. Shoot me an email.

When will you host a plus-size meet-up? The need is REAL in Nashville! The curvy women have spoken, and they want to come together! Fab Glance will host the first Nashville Curves meet-up in Spring 2017! Yes, I want to make sure this is an amazingly posh event and those types events take time and planning. Trust it’s coming and it will be FAB! Comment below what you like to see at the Nashville Curves meet-up.

So, when is the next Nashville Curves presentation? Like I stated each campaign will drop quarterly with a seasonal theme (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Expect the next campaign to drop October 2016.

Being a plus-size woman, I often struggle with feeling accepted in the fashion arena, especially in Nashville. When I started featuring more plus-size focused posts on the site, I didn’t think the response would be so overwhelming.  Nashville isn’t exactly known for plus-size fashion or retailers. I hope to be the catalyst for change, helping the public acknowledge the accomplishments of plus-size women in this city. Let’s get it!

If you have additional questions, comment below or send me an email.

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