Because Trump won . . .

What happens now that Trump has won?

Today is the day I usually post a OOTD or style post. But, today doesn’t feel right. While 50% of the country is celebrating, the other side is truly in mourning. I’m sure you’ve been on social media. You’ve seen the data, the scriptures, the memes, and even the think pieces. Everyone is trying to wrap their head around what some say is an impending doom.

Since this is my space, I’m able to admit, this is a scary time. No amount of pretty clothes, fun events, or interesting brand partnerships can distract from the fact that so many WOMEN voted for a man who doesn’t care about their interests. The same women I’ve vowed to help with my plus-size style posts, my social media campaigns to encourage acceptance, and teaching classes about personal style are the some of the same women who voted with a man who doesn’t care. It hurts to think about, but I won’t stop my mission.

I’ve always wanted to make someone feel better about themselves. I know that some people don’t like me because I’m fat, black, and a woman. No matter how much I do or how much I want to help, they still won’t like me. That’s okay. I’m never gonna stop helping women, even though some of those women may not want my help. Because, if I stop helping, who will lead the change. Right. So, even though Trump one, that doesn’t mean that you stop doing what God has called you to do!

So what do you do right now? Well, feel your feelings! I wrote this on Facebook:

What now? Feel your feelings. Make sure you go through the full stages of grief. Really. This hurts. This is a wound that needs surgery, not just a band-aid. This is an injury that will take 4 yrs of rehab. It will hurt EVERYDAY but you will work EVERYDAY – don’t ever stop working. The song says, “nobody told me the road would be easy …” This will be the hardest recovery you will ever accomplish. You will hate your doctors and nurses. But when you heal. You will be stronger. But right now – it’s just an open wound and it hurts real bad.

 So, I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled program . . .  soon. Right now, I’m gonna feel my feels. 

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