BEAUTY: Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kits

The Smile Brilliant System is more than just teeth whitening strips!

Does Smile Brilliant, teeth whitening kit REALLY WORK? I tried it!

The Smile Brilliant team contacted me a couple months ago to see if I wanted to use their product and write a review. At first, I was skeptical, I’ve never thought I needed to use a teeth whitening kit and I heard the teeth whitening formulas make your teeth hurt. But, after reading reviews of the Smile Brilliant system, I was ready to try the process. I told them to send me a kit.

Guys, when you get the Smile Brilliant kit, you realize, this isn’t any ol’ teeth whitening situation that one can pick-up from the drug store. This is a system that is built on science and customized for your smile. Your box contains: A set of customizing trays, impression materials (like super molding clay), the actual teeth whitening gel, and accompanying desensitizing gel.

The instructions for creating your custom molds are easy and simple to understand. When you create your molds, you send the impressions back to the company. You’ll receive your flexible trays in about 10 days. It’s really quick. Once you receive the trays, you are on your way to a whiter, more brilliant smile!

The Smile Brilliant trays return to you in this cute travel case.

When I received my whitening trays, I started the process immediately.  Real talk, I didn’t think my teeth needed to be whiter. I’m not a coffee or wine drinker, and I don’t smoke. But, I’ve had these teeth for 30+ years, I’m sure they aren’t the shade they were when I made them as a baby. When I took my before photo, placed it next to my AFTER photo, boy was I surprised. This system really works!

Day 1, my teeth had a yellow tinge. By Day 10, they were more brilliant!

Now, I do have some slight tooth sensitivity, so I was hesitant of starting. The whitening system causes a bit of irritation along the gum line. But the irritation only lasts for about 15 minutes. I the trays for 45 minutes a day, 10 days. Each gel applicator has enough product for about two applications. The desensitizing gel really helps if you have teeth sensitivity and it tasty really good.

After the second day, I could REALLY see a difference in the shade of my teeth. By the fifth day, I was a believer! My teeth were visibly lighter and gums had gotten used to the gel. I was able to use the whitening gel without using the desensitizing gel. I even received compliments from my friends. The Smile Brilliant system is a keeper, and I suggest you give it a try.

OF COURSE, I have a CONTEST and a shopping deal just for you. Smile Brilliant is giving one of my readers a FREE Smile Brilliant kit. Just CLICK HERE, enter your contact info, and you may be selected to to win! 
ALSO use the code ‘fabglance’ and receive 5% off of the purchase of your Smile Brilliant kit. TRUST, you will love this kit and your smile will be BRILLIANT!

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