MY STYLE: Future Forward with Runway Boutique

Having faith that my future will be bright, despite the challenges. Glasses from Runway Boutique

As we sit on the eve of the arrival of the new President, I can only feel the air tinged with angst, anxiety, fear. and anger. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m not concerned about the future. Among all the personal things we deal with, having to worry about the qualification of the Leader of the Free World should be last on our list. That’s why, I am deciding to face the future fearlessly.

Glasses and Skirt – Runway Boutique, Boots – Jessica London, Top – Target

I’d love nothing more than to vanish from the USA and move to Antarctica. Listen, this new presidency is giving me the vapors. But who am I to run away from a challenge.  I’m not gonna run, and neither should you. As cliche as it sounds, without rain, you can’t appreciate the rainbow. Without the clouds, you wouldn’t appreciate the sun. Girl, put your shades on and face your fear. YOU GOT THIS! We got this! We will persevere through the BS (of life, of a president, of anything).

Now let’s get into this look! I’m so happy to partner with a new boutique in town, Runway Boutique! A couple weeks ago I met with the owner of the store and fell in love. She is really striving to bring upscale trendy looks and custom clothing to the city. She is also presenting updated pieces for the the plus-size ladies. YAY! You and your friends can shop together! You gotta visit Runway Boutique in Antioch! Oh yeah, use the code ‘FABGLANCE’ (in-store & online) to receive 15% off your order!

So, don’t get too scared of the future. Yes, challenges will come, but keep it together girl! Call your girls, pray, be positive, and keep working on your goals. We will get through this, we will conquer the future!

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