MY STYLE: Staying in the happy place

THE LOOK: Sweater & Leggings – Torrid, Boots – Jessica London, Purse – Sole Society

 “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have. – Frederick Keonig

Whew! What a week. I know, I know, my blog is supposed to be a distraction from the real world. But, as I type, I am sitting in the VERY real world. Our current president . . . oh girl! I can’t. But when I saw this quote, I had to change my mindset. I can’t keep focusing on what I don’t have . . . what WE don’t have. But we must focus on what we DO have! We still have amazing people in our amazing country.

It’s easy to get preoccupied with negativity. I talked about it last week and I talked about it in this week’s newsletter, sign-up here. Forget about the president, we have problems that we deal with in our own life. You have to choose to be happy. You must choose to think positive. You have got to smile in the face of devastation. You know why? Because, what else is there to do? Like, really, think about it. Do you want to sit in the devastation of negativity of your life or do you want to focus on the happy stuff? Trust me, it there!

Where’s my happy place? My godchildren, my family, good food, funny memes on social media, and of course CLOTHES! This week’s look is mostly from Torrid. It’s my favorite outfit this winter. Being from Massachusetts I don’t get cold as quickly as everyone else. So, this oversized cardigan is so clutch during this warm weather winter. And, yes, I probably wear these boots 897 times a week! They are from Jessica London and I love them! See, happy place!

So, let’s discuss YOUR happy place. Hit me up in the comments section. Where do you find your happy in times like this?

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