MY STYLE: My Heart Belongs to You!

“Anything you want from me, You got it . . .” – Jodeci

Happy Valentine’s Day Fab Family! If you follow me on the socials, you know Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! Some people get sad because they don’t have a partner, others get mad because Valentine’s Day is a ‘made-up’ holiday. Why? Why not celebrate a day when we can focus on LOVE. The way the world is set up, we need all the LOVE we can get!

That’s why ‘My Heart Belongs to YOU‘, yes you, my READERS! This year I’m not in a relationship, but that hasn’t stopped me from sharing and spreading love across the world.  The lyrics from Jodeci’s song, ‘My Heart Belongs to You‘ are some of my fave! Well, Jodeci is my fave group. But the lyrics are so simple. Written from the heart of a person who just wants their person to know, “Hey, I LOVE YOU!”

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“Once in a lifetime
You will find someone like you
and now that I have you
Here’s what I’m gonna do 
I’m gonna give you so much!”

It’s easy to stay in a hurt place when the love of your life leaves, betrays you, or just doesn’t give you love the way you gave them love. I implore you to, let it go, heal, and try again. Believe me, I know it’s hard. I’ve been cheated on, lied to, and been made a fool of, but I’ve never let that get me down or close my heart to love. We were MADE to love and be LOVED. Don’t let an idiot, who took you for granted, make you want to deny the world of your magic!


 “My heart belongs to you
Whatever you need
there’s nothing I won’t do!”
So, Fab Family, don’t be afraid of love. Don’t be afraid to try again. God has give our hearts the capacity to heal. Let the healing happen and have faith that another amazing heart is waiting for you. Trust, we’ve all been heart, but we can’t stay there. Take some time today, make yourself pretty, buy someone a Starbucks coffee, and let love heal you!

Shot by Patrick Webster Photography
My Heart Belongs to You– lyrics by Jodeci

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