MY LIFE: Blogging While Brown in Nashville w/The Better MANual

Manny, of The Better MANual, and I had a great talk. Thanks, City Winery Nashville for the tasty brunch!

Blogging, in general, is hard work. Blogging as a person of color, can be even harder. We are in the final days of Black History Month, I thought I’d talk about being a black blogger. Blogging requires you know ALOT about your niche as well as network with people in your niche. As a fashion & style blogger, I enjoy attending fashion shows and fashion presentations, but oftentimes, I’m the only black person in the room.

That’s why I was excited when I met Manny! Manny is not only a black blogger, he’s a style blogger, and we both live in Nashville. Manny and I crossed paths as he was a new blogger. Manny reached out to me via Instagram to talk about the challenges of blogging in the city of Nashville. We became fast friends and continue to consult each other on blog stuff.

Being a black blogger in a southern city has it’s difficulties. Mind you, I’ve been in the game for a long time so, it’s not hard for me to navigate the scene. But, even I get a bit frustrated. Mostly, I see how black bloggers tend to be looked over when it comes to campaigns, sponsors, and events. It seems like PR companies and event coordinators feel if they have one blogger of color in the mix, that’s more than enough. Just saying, it can be a bit tiring, and alot lonely.

It’s not all bad all the time. During our conversation at City Winery, Manny and I talked about the triumphs of blogging in Nashville. Both of us are fortunate enough to work with amazing photographers, businesses, and fellow creatives. Nashville is brimming with new upstarts that are ready to work with us. As a blogger, your work has to be top-notch and CONSISTENT. It doesn’t matter your race. If you don’t post consistently, have great story angles, and are ready to deliver, NO ONE will want to work with you. Consistency is KEY.
Smoked Salmon, Croissant, and a Green Salad – YES!

As we continued our discussion on blogging, we were treated to an amazing brunch at City Winery Nashville. Shout out to the City Winery team. They’ve been one of my favorite collaborations this year.  The team at City Winery always makes sure to have diverse shows at their venue. From RZA to The Vagina Monologues, City Winery is great at bringing you something new & different.

Let’s talk about brunch, City Winery has one of the most CHILL brunches in Nashville. They offer their AMAZING wine selection, mimosas, homemade breakfast breads, and delicious savory presentations. I recommend a brunch meeting at City Winery anytime.

Dress from Limonda Couture – use the code MEL20 for 15% off!
So, if your are a black blogger in a big city, don’t fret. It may seem difficult at first, but keep forging ahead. You aren’t invisible and you voice is needed in the community. My tip is to STAY CONSISTENT, be true to your fans, and always be up for trying something new. Make sure to connect with your fellow bloggers for support (grab some brunch), and keep working. I promise you, you’ll see your future become brighter and brighter.

Photography by Patrick Webster

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