VOTE FOR ME – Nashville Black 40 Under 40

This post is my request for your to nominate me for Nashville’s Black 40 under 40 awards. This award is given annually and spotlights successful individuals in the Nashville area for their work in Fashion & Beauty, Education, Media, Health, and much more. As a fashion professional, I’d love to win this award as it will further cement the work I’ve done in the Nashville community.

I’ve been in the fashion blogging game for almost 9 years! When I started, I didn’t know where this little habit would take me. All I knew was that I wanted to help people understand fashion and I wanted women to feel better about themselves. As I blog, teach, write, and train new bloggers, I feel like I’m hitting my goals! I’ve given free style classes for youth groups & church organizations, I’ve appeared on TV and written in magazines, and I push the importance of style & confidence for ALL women. I love connecting people with the best parts of fashion & style in Nashville and nationally.

Full Name:Melissa Watkins
Company Name: Fab Glance Fashion & Style
Position: Owner/Editor-in-Chief

Click the link above to cast your vote. You can also nominate other friends for various categories. THANK YOU in advance. Some of you have supported me from the VERY beginning, others have joined along the way. I thank for every share, like, and word-of-mouth recommendation.

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