TIPS & TRENDS: Transitioning into Spring Effortlessly

A little summer dress, with some winter accessories – perfect Spring look.

Was I just posting about Christmas? Now, we are on the way to Spring! Of course, this time of year is always confusing. Old man winter never wants to let go. One day we’ll have a snow storm, the next day it feels like you need to go to the beach! What’s a girl to do? How can you look cute when it’s a tornado in the morning and sunny day in the afternoon.

I got tips for you! Below, I’ve assembled some looks to help you along the way. When we are transitioning from one season to the next your goal is to have the right amount of layers to help you maneuver through the day. Layers, layers are your friend! Let’s get started.

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SPRING TRANSITIONS: hard core sport

The first look is always one of my favorite looks to rock. Nothing beats a bodycon (2 piece) with a leather jacket and kicks. TREND ALERT: Adidas are back for Spring/Summer and clear TRUCKER FRAMES are the hot business. When transitioning, lean on ALL BLACK. It’s a fave for me.


The next way to transition into spring is to start adding BRIGHT COLORS to your look with cool weather items. Lean on jeans, lightweight sweaters, and a bold lip. It may be raining, but at least your look will bring happiness. TREND ALERT: Candy colored stiletto pumps are back for the spring. Add a pair to your wardrobe.


Ok, this is our WILD CARD look. TREND ALERT: Oversized t-shirt dresses and ridiculous knee boots are here to stay. You’ll see lace-up sandals this spring/summer too. But for the transition time, try this cute dress with boots. And we are leaning on all-black again – it just works when the clouds are in the sky but the weather is kinda warm.


Our last look is great for when the season starts to settle in. It’s time to embrace those bright colors, but still using the LAYERING technique to keep you warm. TREND ALERT: YELLOW is going to be EVERYWHERE this spring/summer! Get ready! Yellow is known to keep ya happy, so add some to the collection.

Take a cue from one (or all) of these looks to guide you to your transitional wardrobe. Start adding some light colored pieces into the rotation. Get those pedicures, and get ready for sandal season. Let me know what you’re looking to bring to your spring wardrobe this year?

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