MY LIFE: Tales of the $20 Wig

The wig is too fly to keep to myself. Get you one HERE

I’ve always liked trying new styles, hence why I run a fashion & lifestyle blog! Duh! So, when I started to get the itch to cut my hair, my home-girl suggested we go wig shopping. Oh snap! We found this wig and it was on like popcorn (ok let me stop). Let’s get into the details:

(links used are Amazon affiliate links, but girl, get your shopping ON!)

Y’all, this wig the PERFECT departure from my usual big curly hair. I used to wear my hair cut like this back in 2009. That was when I had a relaxer. But, when I started my natural hair journey, I couldn’t achieve this straight look. Rocking a wig give your natural hair a rest, and allows you to try different styles without commitment.

Y’all know I had to do an impromptu photoshoot

Also, the wig game has STEPPED UP. Everyone thought I cut and colored by real hair. This wig is very lightweight and cool. If your head is too small or too big, don’t fret, this wig is adjustable. It comes in 4 different colors (natural black, blonde highlights, green highlights, and purple highlights). The wig is synthetic. I would recommend you purchasing a wig cap to further protect your hair and give you some traction so your wig doesn’t slip.

Shout out to FreeTress for their amazing synthetic and AFFORDABLE wigs. And thanks to Amazon prime, for that overnight delivery! It feels good to try something new when the price is easy on your pockets.

Made my brother join in on the fun, LOL!

So, I recommend that you take a tour of the Freetress, synthetic wigs, on Amazon’s site. Get you one for the weekend! Try something different, even if it’s just temporary. It’s allays fun, to have a little fun. Do you do the wig life? Let me know in the comment’s section!

CLICK HERE to purchase this WIG!

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