EVENT: Why should you attend Nashville Fashion Week 2017?

It’s one the best times of the year! It’s Nashville Fashion Week season! This year Nashville Fashion week is from April 4th through April 8th. I’ve attended every fashion week since it’s inception. I’m always excited to see which designers are selected, what they will present, what everyone will wear, and where each night will be held.

Of course, people always ask me “should I attend Nashville Fashion Week?” And my answer is always “YES!” I know you may not think you’ll find anything interesting about Nashville Fashion Week, especially if you aren’t a ‘fashionista’, but I’m here to tell you Nashville Fashion Week not only spotlights fashion, but small businesses, and the entire Nashville community.

This year, the Nashville Fashion Week committee has given us some really affordable options to help you enjoy the week. Of course, it’d be cool to buy a ticket to the whole week, but check out the Runway Passes, Guaranteed Seat Upgrades, and one day passes. SEE! Oh yeah, if you get a ticket to Nashville Fashion Week, you get free entrance to the Frist Art Museum! NICE1

(updated from my 2016 Nashville Fashion Week post)


Below I’ve outlined some tips to attend Nashville Fashion Week, especially for the newbies. I guarantee, whether you purchase and All Access pass, or can only afford one night, you will enjoy yourself. Let’s get started:

2015’s Afro’d Amazingness from Amanda Valentine

If you’re a fashionista . . . you should attend all five nights of NFW. Why? Because any fashionista or fashionisto worth their weight in Ruby Woo lipstick knows that this is the prime-time to flaunt your fabulous clothes and learn more about the people who make the clothes. This year NFW is hosting three runway shows, one fashion+photography presentation, and a gala. The week’s events will give you all the inspiration you need to shop local and believe in the talent of the city. Click here for fashion show details.

If you’re a blogger  . . . you may not be able to attend all five nights (cuz blogging doesn’t pay alot – lol), but you should attend the Blogger Brunch on April 1 (I’m on the hosting committee!). Then you must attend opening night which will feature all Nashville designers, the fashion + photography night, and the Ready To Wear Showcase. As blogger, I’m all about getting pictures (for my Instagram), info for my readers, and education for myself. Going to these three events will give you a comprehensive overview of the week, while allowing you to take in the fashionable affair. 

If you’re a student . . . your fashionable pockets may be filled with lint, not with coins for tickets. That’s ok. Well, I better see you at the Blogger Brunch, this is a great way to network with Nashville’s influencers, it’s only $20 and it’s BRUNCH! Then, plan to attend opening night, Emerging Designer Runway Show, and the Emerging Designer’s After-party. You’ll get the best parts of fashion week and you’ll get a chance to networking with Nashville’s fashionable movers & shakers.

If you’re a business owner . . . Nashville Fashion Week is the premiere networking event for you! Of course I’ll tell you to attend all five nights. But, you should really focus your sights on the Nashville Designer showcase (Monday Night) and the Fashion Forward Gala. Why these two events? Business owners should always support local designers and local non-profit organizations. These two events encompass both these platforms and are EXCELLENT networking events for business owners in the city.

If you love Nashville . . . then you’d love Nashville Fashion Week! The fact that the event takes place around the city while spotlighting the city’s newest and most chic creative spaces should give you more than enough reason to support the event. Attending any night would give you a glimpse of what the city has to offer when it comes to fashion & business.

Last year’s runway show at the State Capitol. It was cold, but it was FAB!

So, I hope to see you out & about at Nashville Fashion Week. Make sure to sign-up for my Weekly Newsletter for more details and upcoming fashionable events!

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