MY STYLE: It’s art for your body!

Excited to shoot at the Frist Museum

I love when an idea just comes together and the images created are pure joy! This year, I wanted to take the ‘Outfit of the Day‘ posts to the next level. I wanted to share some of my favorite spots in the city. This month, I’m focusing on The Frist Museum, one of my favorite museums and one of my favorite buildings in the city! Also, I’m rocking my favorite re-mixed shirt of ALL time! It’s like my own piece of art.

Want details? Keep reading . . .

Oversized sweatshirt – King Sized Direct
So, sweatshirts are a big deal for winter/spring 2017. The more oversized, the better (blame Kanye). But, when you are already plus-sized, it’s hard to find an OVERSIZED shirt. So my first step was to find an oversized design and I to head to the men’s department. Specifically, King Sized Direct, an online retailer for Big & Tall men. I needed to get a shirt that was not only big, but LONG. I found what I needed for only $29.

So, then I had to make the look my own. I combined two of my favorite trends: Oversized Shirts and African Print. I thought this was cool dedication to my Sierra Leone roots (that’s where my dad is from). I have tons of African print fabric in my closet that I use for head-wraps and all sorts of things. So I called my home, designer, Charles Lord to see if he could make my idea come to life.

I dropped the material off to Charles, and then came back to a masterpiece. When I tell y’all I love this shirt so much, I tell no lies. I get continued compliments on this look and I always say “thank-you!’. I was happy to use a local designer and material that is a celebration of my roots. Also, it’s like my very own piece of art. I always say clothes, are ART for you body, why not make something that is unique to your style.

Stay tuned for more of my art inspired looks this month, as I celebrate one of my favorite spots in the city. Have you visited the Frist Museum in Nashville? What’s your favorite spot in the city? Let me know in the comments.

Special thanks to the staff at the Frist Center and my photographer, Patrick Webster.

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