MY LIFE: Illustrated by Tatiana Camice

Shout out to New York based artist Tatiana Camice for the world’s most ADORABLE water color illustration of me! Yo, I never get used to those little “you might have a bit of a platform” things that happen to me sometimes. Usually it’s someone noticing me in a store or at an event. But, having an artist illustrate you is ALWAYS surprising! I mean, this is so fly! And, it captures how happy I was when I took this photo. 
More about Tatiana, below:

My work is centered around accepting femininity, self love, and appreciation of all people. Whether it be a painting or a drawing, my work focuses on the woman of color and the truth in her journey. Most importantly, my efforts have led me to do something a little more nontraditional. That’s to highlight ‘The Angry Black Woman’ narrative rather than disown it.” – Tatiana Camice

Give Tatiana a follow. Her work is beautiful. I love how she illustrates the feminine form while spotlighting our vulnerability. Some of her work is though provoking, other work is just fun. I recommend you buy a couple prints, or even get something commissioned. There’s nothing better than giving a work of are to a friend!

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