Divatress Wigs are great for a Spring change!

Spring is here and it’s a great time to update your look. I was contacted by the fine folks at Divatress to review their cute wigs. You know, I love a good wig. It’s a great way to try something new without all the commitment. And, if you’re like me, you aren’t trying cut & color your hair, but you want the change. So, check out the Zury collection of Divatress wigs.

These lightweight, easy to style, and affordable wigs will definitely update your spring look and have everyone talking. Number one reason I love this retailer, THE PRICE! You can play around with different styles, and still stay on budget. That’s all I needed to see. Below, I spotlight three of my favorite wigs from the Zury collection. I’m sure you’ll see me rocking one of these looks in the next couple of weeks. Let’s get started:

SLAY Lacefront Anka Wig – 31.95

When I think of a fun wig, my mind automatically goes to a fun color! This Lacefront, middle-part wig, with rose-gold ombre is so daring and super cute for spring. My natural hair is too sensitive for extreme color, but this is the perfect way for me to experiment with length and color without jacking up my situation.

Naturali Star Ronda Wig – 32.95
If you aren’t ready to try color, but want a bit more fun, this curly, yet romantic look is just for you. It comes in a natural colors, and can be  blended into you hair. Just a slight change with a big outcome. Hit the link and you’ll see they have some fun color combos if you’re willing to take the risk.
Sis DIVA Kayla Wig – 29.95

This one is for my ladies who want to make an extreme change without the extreme commitment. Never had a short cut before, never tried an out-the-box color – this wig is for YOU! Take this baby on vacation and have fun as your alter-ego!

Which wig would you rock? Let me know in the comments section! H

HAve you tried Zury Wigs? What your review?

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