You should attend the Elegant Ladies Fashion show!

This year, I’m excited to be on the executive committee for The Elegant Ladies Foundation Spring Fashion Show (April 1, 6p, Rocketown). The Nashville fashion season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of the scene.  College fashion programs, non-profit organizations, and the official Nashville Fashion Week events serve as an exciting platform for Nashville’s fashion community. Of course, I want you to attend all the fashion events, but the The Elegant Ladies Show is special to me. Below I give you FIVE reasons why this show should be on your radar.

  1. Ticket sales go to a worthy cause: The Elegant Ladies Fashion Show was created to help young ladies go to college. Proceeds from each ticket help three deserving young ladies begin the 2017 school year! It’s great to see money go back into the community. You’ll be introduced to the recipients on the night of the show. I guarantee, you’ll fall in love with these ladies.
  2. Most Diverse Show of the Season: The Elegant Ladies Spring Fashion Show has the most diverse set of models to walk the runway. We have over 80 models representing different nationalities, body shapes, and even ages. This is truly a show, where you can see yourself on the runway. Inclusion always feels good.
  3. Featuring LOCAL designers: As stated, the Nashville fashion season is the perfect time to see fashion SHINE in this city. The Elegant Ladies show features TEN DESIGNERS from Nashville and Memphis featured couture and ready-to-wear designs, many of which are available for purchase. 
  4. Kick-off to Fashion WeekNashville Fashion Week starts April 4th. The Elegant Ladies show is on April 1. This is the perfect kick-off to the week. Get all the fashion you need in one amazing month. 
  5. It’s AFFORDABLE: Tickets for this show start at $25, VIP is $50. This is a great price for everything you are going to experience in one night. If you spring for the VIP, you get a wine & cheese Jazz Lounge, with a super fab swag bag. Very nice!

I hope to see you at the show. If I don’t say ‘Hi!’, know that I’m busy, but I’m honored you attended. See you on April 1st at Rocketown. Got questions, leave a comment below or send an email.

Oh yeah, we need a couple more volunteers. You wanna be down? Send a message to

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