Do you believe in Unicorn . . . Frappucino from Starbuck!

I interrupt your regularly scheduled fashion coverage for some current events! Starbucks has a new summer drink called the Unicorn Frappucino and the world is going crazy. Well, not actually, but it’s pretty popular. So, I had to test it out.

Last summer, the social media was buzzing about the PINK DRINK! This year, it’s another pink concoction with a magical twist. The Unicorn Frappucino is basically a vanilla frappucino with mango syrup, pink coloring and tangy blue sour powder. Click here to view the ingredient list.

Upon first taste, it’s sour & sweet. After you stir it a bit it has these waves of vanilla and fruit. It’s a real cute drink. I got mine made with Almond Milk, but I think it would taste ALOT better with regular dairy. I know it would be creamier and more smooth. The almond milk is a bit loose and doesn’t carry the flavor like it should.

Would I buy it again? Naw! But it was real fun to try, a nice pick-me-up for the day, and a lovely conversation starter. Two ladies stopped me to ask about it. I gave them my first impression on the spot! The Unicorn Frappucino is at most Starbucks cafes and will be around for a limited time. If you miss the boat, don’t worry. I’m sure Pinterest will have tons of hacks for you to try at home!

Have you tried the Unicorn Frappucino? Let me know in the comments section.

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