Tennessee’s BEST Black Designers spotlighted at the Elegant Ladies Fashion Show

Tennessee has so many amazing fashion designers! During the spring season, fashion shows are plenty and a great time to witness independent designers. Last week I had the pleasure of attending (an co-chairing) the Elegant Ladies Fashion Show! HERE, I gave you 5 reasons to attend the fashion show and The Elegant Ladies did not dissapoint! This was the best showcase of fashion by black designers. 
I emphasis ‘black fashion design’, because it’s often hard to find black designers in any city, especially in an entire fashion show. The Elegant Ladies Fashion featured eight designers showcasing various styles of couture looks. From urban to elegant, the Elegant Ladies Fashion show gave fashion lovers something to cheer for. Check out my fave looks below, and get to know Tennessee’s newest black fashion designers!

Floral Jumpsuit created by Krista Davis of Kris’ta Collection

Krista Davis is one of the best designers in the city – but I bet you didn’t know she existed! This self-taught seamstress is the go-to goddess for special event designs. During the Elegant Ladies Fashion Show she featured more than 20 after-five, cocktail, and wedding looks! Krista is a designer and the founder of the Elegant Ladies Foundation.

Under her leadership, the fashion show is in it’s 5th year of production. The show serves as a showcase for independent design and a scholarship fund. How can you not love a designer who creates amazing looks and wants to give back to the community! Make sure you give Kri’sta Collection a follow on Instagram and send her a message to create something AMAZING for you.

Alain Paterson of A.P. Couture

Alain Patterson showcased his simplified yet elegant designs. The designer and custom hat maker was inspired by the church ladies from eras ago. Elegant women who never went anywhere without a gorgeous hat, a great pair of heels, and an chic dress. The crowd was squealed with delight as Alain’s designs hit the runway. Custom made hats and chic Sunday best, you gotta check out Alain Patterson of A.P. Couture!

We want sequins! Designs from Jacquise Simone
Jacquise Simone of Just Sew You Know is a self-taught seamstress and personal stylist. At this year’s fashion show, Jacquise presented a black tie line that featured satin, sequin, and feathers. This was one of my favorite lines of the show. I loved the fun presentation and variety of designs. I also loved that she used curvy, petite, and straight-sized girls in her presentation! It’s good to know a designer who isn’t scared of non-traditional sizes.

Amira Amore creates gorgeous gowns for Tennessee’s best bodies. The Amira Amore presentation showed lovely satin and silk looks for the attendants. Her gowns were fun, yet sexy, and a great way to celebrate spring! Designer, Christen Lewis, designs each look by hand and loves to work with new clients.

Jenni of J Chic Lifestyle opened the show with her ready to wear collection and she set the tone for the whole night. Did you know that Jenni is another self-taught designer? This was the first custom design from the Memphis native. Not only is Jenni a designer, she’s a personal stylist, and business owner.We must say, her fist collection was amazing!

Evan Gray‘s raw approach to urban design was a favorite with the crowd too. Evan Gray designs piece with a story to tell. There were pieces from his Templar movement ‘Life after Life’ collection and some new pieces added to the collection. If you’ve even been to an Evan Gray show, you know he gives the guests fashion, music, and a message. This message, “Don’t be muted!” and his collection was heard loud and clear.

Immortal Ink clothing by Black Cholo showcased his Fall 2017 collection. It was one of my favorites of the night. Immortal encompasses edgy sportswear for men and women – all handmade with intricate cut, stitching, and styling. The looks are ready-to-wear and some sold straight off the runway!

Chonta Allen’s MyStiik Styles line is made for the woman who wants to bring a bit of fantasy to her life. The Lipscomb graduate is hands on with her designs from development to design. Her summer collection spotlighted the feminine form and added sparkle to the runway! Loved it!

As you can see, there was so much to SEE (and buy) at the Elegant Ladies Fashion Show! I hope to see these wonderful designers grow and develop in the Nashville fashion scene. I’m sure you’ll see more of them.

Who was your fave? Follow the Elegant Ladies Foundation on Facebook and Instagram for more details on the designers and more community engagement activities.

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